Ask An Expert: HOMI Smart Lighting

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Q: How is the smart light switch installed?
A: The HOMI smart light switch begins with a consultation at your home to figure the placement and understand the wiring. The team will then schedule an electrician to install the smart switch and will provide you with a HOMI hub (router) that goes along with it. The only thing to provision for is the neutral wiring that goes in the smart light switch box.

HOMI Smart Light Switch Panels
Q: What’s the difference between 1 Gang, 2 Gang, 3 Gang switches?
A: This refers to the number of switches that are present on the plate. The switches usually come with 1 or 2 gang switches, but if you are installing electrical switches, you have the option to choose three or four gang switches as well. A 1 gang switch will control a single lighting circuit, and a 2 gang switch will control two lighting circuits, and so on. However, if you need two switches to control a single lighting circuit, you will need a 2-way switch.

Q: How do the Smart Light switches work?
A: When a button is pressed on a smart light switch, they send wireless signals typically via Bluetooth to control your lights. Smart Light switches can control and adjust the brightness of your home scene according to your preference. There are two ways to use a smart light switch - by manually touching the switch with your fingers to activate the device, and by using the MY HOMI App to turn on or off the device connected to the switch.

HOMI Smart Lighting
Q: What are the features of the Smart Light switch?
A: Beautiful design: backlit, choice of finishes, and responsive touch - Voice Controlled: Google Assistant

  • Set schedules and scenes for standard LED lights
  • Set triggers with the HOMI motion sensors
  • Two-way status feedback: our light switches give you real-time information on whether your lights are switched on or off, and you will receive an update if the user turns off the light switch manually.
  • Works with MYHOMI App

Q: How long is the warranty?
A: HOMI Smarthome Pte. Ltd. warrants the HOMI SmartHome Products, and only the product, against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of 1 YEAR from the date of retail purchase and installation by the original purchaser.


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