Introducing HOMI's Smart Shades Module

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The HOMI Shades Module allows you to control both roller blinds and curtain track motors from anywhere, at anytime. The modules can be hidden inside your curtain, or in the ceiling to prevent additional contracting work.



HOMI’s Smart Shades Module offers flexible installation, by a team of our smart home experts to make the process a lot smoother. We make it convenient for you to control your blinds and set the mood of your atmosphere with your smart device from anywhere at any time. 

  • Set of your home from any time and anywhere
  • Open and close your blinds using the Google Assistant feature
  • Set schedules for your curtain track motor to automate your home


  • Hands-free voice control: the HOMI Shades Module is compatible with Google assistant. Easy to control from anywhere, making it more efficient and convenient. 
  • Works with both roller blinds and track motors 
  • Modules can be hidden inside the curtain (to match the interior of your home), and there will be no additional contracting work needed for the process. 

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