Top 5 Features to Look for When Purchasing Smart Home Devices

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With the ever-increasing array of smart home devices on the market, you may wonder which features of smart home devices are the best and most suited for your home.

You may have come across the likes of Google Home, Amazon Echo or even the Apple Homepod. These are by all means some of the best smart products currently available, but they are only a piece of what makes your home a complete smart home.

To help you in your research and decision-making, we have created a list of the top 5 features to look for when purchasing smart home devices.

#1 Smart home interoperability and compatibility with a single app

It is important to realize that not all smart home devices can work properly together, and not all smart home hubs can connect with every smart home device available on the market. You will have to research which devices will be compatible with each other.

Other than this, you need to consider whether you are happy using multiple apps, or you prefer one app that centralizes all the functionality of your products. Are the apps serving your purpose, or do you find it annoying having to open and close different apps for different smart devices?

#2 Support and extra services

One of the most overlooked aspects of smart homes, in our opinion, is the support and added value services provided to you after purchase. Once you have purchased and installed your smart device, will there be support on how to use it? Is there someone to call if it stops functioning correctly or needs to be repaired?

Having a clear idea if the device or solution you select comes with free repair or support can save a lot of headaches down the line. Automation will serve you best only when it is a perfect fit. It comes down to both the manufacturer and installer to find out the buyer’s needs and install the best system that matches them and the user’s lifestyle.

#3 One-touch remote control

If there are times when you are away from home and forget to switch off your lights, or you would like to turn on the air conditioning before you arrive, then having a remote control feature for your smart products would be useful.

Such an example can be seen with the latest Samsung family hub refrigerator. This smart refrigerator has a touch screen system for when you are home and also an inside camera allowing it to send you notifications when food is running low. It also provides you with the ability to see what is in your fridge when you are shopping.

#4 User-friendly interface

Having an interface that is easy to use and looks appealing to the eyes is perhaps the key to having a relaxing experience with technology. Paying attention to the functionality and look of app provided with the smart device is an important step to take in order not to be disappointed later on.

#5 Energy saving 

With the recent eco-friendly movement in the tech space, finding devices that can ultimately reduce the consumption of electricity should be one of the key features to look for. Reducing electricity bills means reducing your expenses and doing your bit for the planet.

Other devices in the same genre include Flo, a water monitoring and shut-off system, that proactively detects micro-leaks and other vulnerabilities in your home water supply.


Planning for the perfect automated home will take time, but it is definitely worth it. A smart home will make your life easier and more convenient for years to come. By considering the above features when purchasing smart home devices, you will be able to find devices which suit your needs and living style.

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