Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Smart Home

Posted by Amar Dhillon on

Smart homes have often been described as a gimmick and so many of us believe that smart homes have not solved the problems that desperately need solving.

At Homi we want to change that, we’re obsessed with building smart home devices that deliver convenience and security to your home. Today, we’re giving our users more and more reasons to get a smart home but here are just a couple of reasons on why you should get one today.

1. Stay connected to your family

Effortlessly check in on family members and pets using your smartphone without having the need to constantly message or keep tabs on them.

As parents, we want to know when kids come home from school each day. With Homi, we can install sensors and cameras to give you notifications that let you know who’s home and how they are doing. Always know what’s happening at home.

2. Protect your loved ones

As a homeowner, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring the safety of your home and the loved ones inside it. Enabling alarms, sensors, and cameras to work and talk together to notify you of danger are extremely important to creating a secure home.

Having the ability to be notified of intruders and then notifying authorities of a breach can empower you to take action.

3. Control your home from anywhere in the world

Being able to control devices from anywhere in the world has really added an extra level of convenience for owners, You can now turn on that Air-Conditioner before you get home, better yet you can do that without pulling out your phone from your pocket using geolocation triggers.

Wait, there is more! We create a smart home that has devices that talk to each other to make them truly useful and convenient.

4. Create unique experiences within your home in seconds

The ability to control multiple devices simultaneously with a touch of a button or through a simple voice command can change the mood of a room within seconds. Watch movies, entertain friends, or any occasion can be customised and created within seconds.

5. You can save money on energy bills

Having devices shut off and react to your daily preferences can shave off a hefty sum from your energy bills. Simply turning off your A/C unit while you’re away or even adjusting it based on outside temperature can save you money on energy. Dollars in your pocket.

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