How It All Started

HOMI SmartHome™ was founded in 2016 and brought top talent together to create the first smart home managed service in Southeast Asia.

We all loved the idea of smart homes but found it difficult to find the services and the ecosystem of devices. So, we set out to create a curated smart home bundle with services like consultation, installation, and support.

Our Approach

HOMI was shaped on the premise that the delivery of smart homes was essentially broken.

We realized that services like smart home consultation, installation, and support were just as important to the customer experience as the product itself. That’s why we decided to offer the first smart home managed service in Asia.

Revolutionary Pricing

HOMI delivers smart homes at revolutionary pricing through affordable payment plans. By cutting out retailers and distributors, we pass the savings on to you.


We built cutting-edge smart home technology that could be installed by a certified electrician in less than 3 hours in a typical two bedroom home.

This meant we could cut out the costs associated with systems integrators that offered proprietary technology and sometimes take 7 days or more to install.


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