Introducing HOMI's 2G On/Off Light Switch Panel

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How does HOMI's 2G On/Off Switch work & what are the features/benefits?

HOMI Lighting includes a vast range of switches, panels, and modules to provide maximum flexibility for any home. Instead of replacing each light bulb, all you need to do is just replace your traditional light switches with our smart switches. This also supports non-dimmable and dimmable lighting.

HOMI Smart Light Switch Panel 

One of the smart light switch options we offer is the 2G On/Off switch. Our dual control lighting switch also gives you the perfect opportunity to create custom scenes at your home conveniently and efficiently. These smart light switches are available in colors Metallic Silver, White and Champagne Gold. Time to turn traditional lighting into something smarter with HOMI's Smart Lighting 2G Switch!

HOMI Smart Light Switch Panel 


  • Create unique experiences within your home in seconds: Have the ability to control your light switch simultaneously with a touch of a button through a voice command or on the MyHOMI app.
  • Control your home from anywhere in the world: Add an extra level of convenience by turning on & off your light switches on the MyHOMI app. 

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