Why You Should Invest in a Smart Home System

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You may very well be asking yourself what smart homes are and if they are for you. Smart homes have a lot of functionalities, in addition to creating a unique experience tailored to the way you live. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a smart home system.

#1 Increase the attractiveness of your apartment to potential renters and buyers

There are various parameters that can affect the sale or rentability of a home with the most obvious being the home itself and its location. Are you located in the city centre and have a relatively spacious apartment? That’s great, but does your apartment stand out from others in the vicinity?

That is why you want a “wow” factor which differentiates your home from the rest of the competition.

It could be the view or a spa-like master bathroom, but what about smart home technology?

A remote or voice-controlled entertainment room, smart thermostat, lighting control, and motorized shades are just the tip of the iceberg of “big ticket” devices that will not only raise the value of your property, but will also help encourage buyers down the road if you ever look to move.

#2 A home tailored to you and responds to your mood

Whether you have recently bought a new place or have lived in it for a long time, there is nothing more pleasing than making your home fit your mood.

We all want to have a unique home, one that represents our inner self, and one that makes us feel comfortable after a long day.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to come home and have a specific mood turn on as you walk through the door – lights dimmed low, music playing in the background, and your AC or heater already on?

What if you could specifically create the moods you want to have at home? Controlling the various electronic devices at home through smart home technology allows you to do just that. Are you ready to enter a world full of personalization and excitement?

#3 Energy saving and reducing electricity bills

No matter where you live, having the opportunity to lower bills at the end of the month is always welcome. Smart home devices can help you make proactive decisions about your heating, cooling, lighting and more.

Instead of having simple switches, thermometer smart devices can offer recommendations on when to cut back on lighting, heating and cooling in your home to save on utility bills.

Furthermore, dimmers and lighting control solutions lower energy consumption on a 1:1 ratio, which means if you dim your lights by 30 percent, you’re using 30 percent less energy. While most energy saving methods mean sacrificing quality of life, smart lighting scenes and dimmer controls can actually enrich environments. Whether you are improving ambience or setting the mood for a specific social gathering, you can always be in control of the amount of energy you use.

#4 Always feel secure at home

Feel safe from burglars and know when someone is approaching your home with devices such as surveillance cameras, smart locks and door entry detection.

If someone tries to gain access to your home, a notification can be sent to your phone in real time. From there, you can decide whether to grant access by opening doors remotely. (No more hiding a key under the doormat and hoping a stranger doesn’t pick it up!)

In addition to entryway cameras, your smart home can include built-in speakers that allow you to talk directly to individuals at your front door.

Smart sensors add other benefits too, such as turning the lights on at night in the staircase or the hallway to prevent falls or even telling you if someone has fallen in a room.

#5 Bonus: It acts as your personal assistant!

The advantage of a smart home is that it learns more about you as time goes on. It will then alter the use of most appliances around your home to suit your needs.

Smart devices can be used as personal assistants or butlers too – they will wake you up, talk to you, and provide you with the best comfort possible. They can, with a simple voice command, provide you with the information you need for your day, such as appointments, the weather, traffic updates, your groceries list and so on.

Overall, a smart home provides features which make the investment worthwhile, especially if you are looking to sell or rent your home. Installing a smart home system will differentiate your home from others and even increase the value of your property.

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